Park grounds
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Park grounds

Visitors to the Moscow Sun first arrive at the city walk.

On three hectares of open space, you will find:

  • the Ferris wheel,
  • multi-purpose center,
  • city walk

Two pedestrian boulevards connect at the central square. From here, guests walk through the main entrance to get to the multi-purpose complex, and then pass along a covered walkway to the boarding station of Europe's largest Ferris wheel, towering at 140 meters high.

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The city walk has something for everyone to unwind — visit the entertainment venues with family and friends.

Архитектура верно.png
Chapman Taylor design
ВДНХ верно.png
Next to VDNKh
Навигация верно.png
Convenient navigation
Парковка верно.png
Bicycle parking
Доступная среда верно.png

Concept building exteriors, convenient navigation, parking for electric vehicles and bicycles, an accessible environment — the Moscow Sun park embodies the advanced features of modern urban infrastructure.

With its design and unique ambiance, the Moscow Sun is like a mini-city — there's everything you need for a refreshing and exciting break with anyone!

  • Парковое пространство
  • Парковое пространство
  • Колесо обозрения на ВДНХ

You can get to the city walk from the main entrance to the complex, which is located next to 5th Ostankinsky lane. You can also access it from the direction of the All-Russian Exhibition Center (orient yourself by the arch of the south entrance). The grounds that join with the Exhibition feature an area with places to relax, where you can view the Ferris wheel from good angles and take beautiful photos.

Walking from the arch of the Main Entrance to the Moscow Sun will take 5 minutes, and from the All-Russian Exhibition Center metro station — about 10 minutes.

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