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Ferris wheel

The Moscow Sun is the capital's new landmark, where from a height of 140 meters you can observe the rhythm of the city and its iconic places.

Moscow opens before you with a bird's eye view! Enjoy panoramas of the capital and experience something unforgettable with a view up to 50 kilometers.

The All-Russian Exhibition Center, Ostankino Park, Seven Sisters, the Spasskaya Tower, the White House, the Bolshoi Theatre, the Moscow City business center and other famous sites of the city — in 18 minutes 40 seconds the Ferris wheel lets you see more than 30 iconic Moscow destinations.  

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In one revolution lasting 18 minutes and 40 seconds, the wheel's capacity reaches 450 people. The attraction's hourly capacity of 1,435 people.

Height: 140 meters
Revolution: 18 min 40 s
30 enclosed cabins
Year-round: from -10 to +40С°
Visibility: about 50 km

The Moscow Sun is more than an attraction. Upon request, guests can make the Ferris wheel part of their personal story. Renting a private cabin transforms it into a venue for a wedding ceremony, a photo shoot, a romantic date, or a party for children. Different lighting options for the attraction will create the right mood for your event.

Changing views of the capital, spectacular photos and selfies, vivid emotions up high — it's all available to those who visit the Moscow Sun Ferris wheel!

  • Золотое колесо обозрения
  • Вид на колесо с ВДНХ
  • Ракета с колеса обозрения
  • Останкинская башня
  • Колесо обозрения Солнце Москвы
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The Moscow Sun has 30 enclosed cabins, each of which can accommodate up to 15 guests. For thrill seekers, five of the cabins have a transparent floor, providing a 360° view.

Beautiful views of Moscow
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Cabin size: 10 m²
22°+ all year round
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5 cabins have a transparent floor

You board the Ferris wheel from the attached boarding point, which connects to the multi-purpose complex via a covered escalator. Guests can take advantage of the fast-pass system or board the attraction by waiting in the general line.

The attraction will operate year-round, whenever the temperature is between -10 and +40 C°.

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